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A Google penalty can be devastating. Within a matter of days, your legal website can lose as much as 90+% traffic. Don’t let this happen to you. Avoid getting hit by Google penalties with a comprehensive law firm marketing strategy. And, if your website already has a penalty, develop a plan to remove it with our help.



Your law firm can’t afford to lose valuable traffic. Google makes sure websites that follow ethical SEO practices are rewarded with high rankings, and increased web traffic. But, those that ignore the rules, or use black-hat SEO techniques, are punished.

Without realizing it, your firm might have hired a marketing company that uses black-hat SEO techniques. SEO and web designing companies don’t always follow the rules. But, when Google updates one of its algorithms, even innocent bystanders can be affected.

Don’t try to handle this situation on your own— It takes an SEO expert to help you stay ahead of these changes, and make sure your lawyer website meets Google’s standards at all times.



SEO Business Solutions will help you identify if you have a Google penalty. If your firm has a penalty, don’t despair. We’ll design a personalized Google recover plan that will restore your ranking online, and draw new traffic to your website.

We’ll do our best to make sure your site recovers fast, and doesn’t receive future penalties. SEO Business Solutions follows a step-by-step process:


STEP 1: We’ll log-in to Google Webmaster Tools, and perform an intensive backlink analysis. We’ll find out what the penalty is and where it came from. Our goal: figure out why your rankings have dropped.


STEP 2: We’ll identify unnatural, or problematic links, and develop a customized strategy to remove them. This Google recover strategy might include contacting the website owners that host these bad links, and requesting their removal. And, any links that cannot be removed this way will be disavowed by Google’s disavow tool. We review every link manually, and nothing escapes our attention to detail.


STEP 3: If your legal website is beyond repair, our team can help you create a new website and start over fresh. We’ll ensure your new site meets Google’s standards and ranks highly. This scenario is rare.


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    Google penalizes low-quality legal websites that were created using unethical SEO techniques. SEO “short-cuts” might have gotten websites a lot of traffic fairly quickly, and drove them to the top of search results—but this “success” came at a steep price. As soon as Google caught on to these unethical practices, it developed sophisticated algorithms to detect black-hat SEO techniques. And, the offending websites were swiftly punished.



    • Duplicate content
    • Excessive advertising or affiliate links
    • Misleading domain keywords
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Blog comment spam
    • Hidden text
    • Cloaking
    • Doorway pages
    • Link farms
    • And much more…


    Many websites never recovered from a Google penalty. Others had to take great measures, and wait a long time, to recover their previous status online. Needless to say, taking short-cuts was not worth it. Nowadays, websites must be much more careful. As Google develops further algorithms, and each one gets more sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to hire a search engine marketing company to manage your legal website.


    Lawyer SEO standards, and Google regulations, are constantly changing. Google is always trying to improve its search engine results, and provide the best service for its clients. Its goal: deliver the most relevant, and targeted results possible to searchers. Quality is what matters most to Google. To meet this goal, it has developed a sophisticated set of algorithms.

    For example, on April 24, 2012, Google released its Penguin update. This complex algorithm penalizes websites that try to “trick” search engines by stuffing keywords, posting irrelevant links, and providing content not intended for human consumption. Penguin flagged websites with spam-based affiliate networks, sites with primarily spammy backlink patterns, and those with primarily spammy outbound links.


    How do you know if your legal website has a penalty? You can check if you have a penalty by logging onto Google Webmaster Tools. But, you can’t see where the penalty came from, and you won’t know how to remove it from your website.

    The experts at SEO Business Solutions are here to help. Internet marketing for lawyers is our specialty, and we have several years experiencing fixing Google penalties. We’ll do our best to remove the penalty quickly, and swiftly—and ensure a hassle-free process for your law firm. Before you know it, you’ll be back to business as usual, and you can forget you ever had a Google penalty at all.
    Once the penalty is removed, your search engine rankings will improve. Traffic to your website will also increase, and your online visibility will get better as time goes on. How do you avoid future penalties? Stay on top of algorithm updates and follow Google’s guidelines very closely. Google search optimization is key.


    Clean, penalty-free website
    Increased website traffic
    Greater online visibility
    Clean backlink profile
    Protection from future penalties
    Google search engine optimization
    All bugs, errors & Google TOS violations fixed

    SEO for lawyers is a specialized field. Not every SEO marketing firm knows how to meet the unique needs of attorneys, but we do. Our legal expertise, and background in Internet marketing, makes us stand out from other SEO companies. When your law firm has been hit with a Google penalty, choose an SEO company you can trust. Contact us today for a free consultation and website audit.



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