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Potential clients will judge your law firm—and evaluate your expertise—based on your website. Clients want to choose attorneys and law firms they can trust. And, they’re more likely to choose lawyers that offer reliable, informative, and engaging content.

Legal websites that regularly publish high-quality articles, blog posts, infographics, etc. are viewed as industry leaders, and trustworthy resources. A content marketing strategy will improve your reputation online, and give you an edge over your competition.



An SEO copywriting strategy essential for every legal practice. Attracting visitors, and engaging them with interesting content will boost your ranking on Google, and enhance your reputation. We’ll help you communicate your message in a clear, professional manner. Enhancing your brand image—while also highlighting your expertise and values—is our main priority. Our SEO content strategies will draw clients to your door, and help you grow your practice long-term.

High-quality content is a great way to boost your ranking on search engines. Google often penalizes websites with thin, keyword stuffed content, or low-quality web copy—and rewards websites with quality content.

Content writing is a key component of every search engine optimization SEO campaign. Law firms that feature well-written, customized web content get the most traffic, leads, and generate the most cases. They tend to also develop meaningful, long-term relationships with clients—built on trust.



Build brand awareness and authority
Become a thought leader in the legal industry
Improve your ranking on search engines
Draw targeted traffic to your website
Develop long-term relationships with clients
Generate more leads
Grow clientele base



SEO Business Solutions will develop a content strategy for your firm that improves your online visibility, and gets you noticed. Our strategies feature custom web copy that introduces your law firm to prospective clients, and highlights your legal expertise. We’ll emphasize your depth of understanding of your legal practice area, and highlight the communities you serve.

Well-written content is worth its weight in gold. High-quality content emphasizes the legal image you want to portray—it’s also consistent with the overall branding of your law firm. Our content is professional, polished, and well-organized. It’s written to enhance the user-experience, and draw visitors to your site. We don’t write boring content. Engaging visitors with interesting, relevant blog posts, page topics, and other information is our main priority.



Highlights legal practice area
Describes community involvement
Expresses your values
Showcases client testimonials
Features notable achievements
Explains how you can help clients



Every content marketing plan is results-driven. We always have your bottom line in mind, and we craft content that maximizes your return on investment. Our content writers emphasize why potential clients should hire you, and what makes your law firm stand apart from the competition.

SEO Business Solutions is familiar with the legal industry. We know what clients are looking for, and how to write web content geared to the legal field. Our copywriters take the time to understand your law firm’s needs, and legal practice area.

We also carefully evaluate your target clientele, and write copy that appeals to this audience. We use a variety of techniques, and content strategies, to meet your goals—each one geared to your unique law firm or attorney profile.


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Blog posts will keep your website fresh and relevant. Blogging—on a regular basis— is a great way to increase viewer traffic to your site, engage visitors, and enhance the authority of your legal practice.

Interesting, original blog posts appeal to visitors, encourage interaction, and get shared through social media. Blog posts will also encourage others to “link” to your site from other blogs, websites, and social media outlets—which will improve your authority and ranking on search engines.

Our professional writers craft blog posts geared to your legal practice. Each blog post is strategically written, and is relevant to your location and legal practice area. We identify interesting blog topics, and develop a personalized schedule for publication over a period of time.



Your biography speaks volumes. It lets clients know who you are, and what you stand for as a lawyer. An attorney bio is key to managing your reputation online. A bio page will help clients develop trust in you, and respect for your legal practice. Well-written biographies will also describe your legal qualifications, and emphasize your values.

Bio pages are one of the most frequently viewed pages on a legal website. Establish authority in your legal services, and show what makes you stand apart from your colleagues, with an expertly crafted attorney bio.



Publishing interesting, relevant articles on your website has many benefits. Just like expert blog posts, articles will also engage visitors and attract links. Articles are another way to enhance your reputation, and establish you as an industry authority.

Potential clients are more likely to trust attorneys that provide relevant information that matters to them, and speaks to their needs. We’ll help you attract the right clients to your legal firm with authoritative articles, which include industry news, special interest topics, and how-to articles, to name a few.



SEO content writing will improve your ranking on search engines. SEO content is keyword-rich: keywords are the search terms people use when looking for information online. Google identifies the most popular keywords people look for, and it ranks websites based on how frequently they contain these keywords.

SEO Business Solutions uses in-depth keyword research to discover the most popular search terms for your industry. Our copywriting services are client focused. We write about topics your prospects are looking for online, and will want to read about. We’ll make sure your website ranks highly on Google, so clients can easily find you. We can also rewrite your existing content, so that it’s SEO search engine optimized.



Social media is a great way to boost the popularity of your legal practice. Get noticed online, and increase word-of-mouth referrals with a custom social media campaign. Nowadays, being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, is essential for every legal practice.

Social media is a quick way to increase brand recognition, and generate “buzz” about your legal services. Social media platforms also help you build long-term relationships with clients, and manage your reputation. SEO Business Solutions will manage your social media accounts, and promote your legal practice online with a long-term social media strategy.



Marketing for law firms is our specialty. We understand the cautious, restrained tone necessary for the legal industry. Our writers are sensitive to the needs of your clients, who are often in a challenging time of their lives. That’s why we avoid editorializing or sensationalizing information in anyway. We also avoid making compromising, or promissory statements.

Our copywriters maintain your professional image at all times, and emphasize your legal integrity, values, and legal standards in every piece of content written. Law firm marketing is a niche field. SEO Business Solutions has the legal marketing experience that your law firm needs.



SEO optimized, keyword-rich content
Strategically written articles and blogs
Clear call-to-action
Organized, well-structured, user-friendly content
A long-term maintenance plan
Schedule for periodic updates
Fresh, interesting content ideas
Regularly updated blog posts, newsletters, articles, etc.
Promotion on social media platforms

Build your legal practice, draw targeted traffic to your website, and build meaningful relationships with clients. 

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